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Gateway, Colorado
Ralph E. Burrillo
Bears Ears Archaeology: Past, Present, and Future
April 19, 2017 at 7:00 p.m.
Baldridge Hall, Montrose United Methodist Church
(at the corner of S. 1st Street and Park Avenue)

Ralph E. Burrillo will present a talk about the Bears Ears, split into three parts. It will start with a short summary of the exploration and cultural resources of the area, with the help of historic photographs, followed by a summary of some prominent current research projects in Bears Ears archaeology, and concluding with a rundown of the conservation effort and challenges.

Bears Ears National Monument encompasses one of the greatest archaeological assemblages in the world, stretching contiguously from the upper Pleistocene to the arrival of Euro-Americans. Early exploration and investigations, modern research efforts, and the successes and challenges facing its protection all make for intriguing stories. This talk will broadly summarize some of the main elements from all three topics.

See an essay by Mr. Burrillo on the Bears Ears and Cedar Mesa here.

R.E. Burrillo is an author and archaeologist with multiple degrees in anthropology and archaeology. His technical work has appeared in Kiva, Southwestern Lore, The Archaeological Record, and Blue Mountain Shadows. His mainstream work appears in Archaeology Southwest, The Salt Lake Tribune, The San Juan County Record, and Cracked. He currently splits his time between Flagstaff, Salt Lake City, and Cortez.