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Connor Johnen
The Escalante Game Drive (5DT192): Re-investigation of a Game Drive Site on the Western Slope of Colorado with Drones and GIS
January 17, 2018 at 7:00 p.m.
Baldridge Hall, Montrose United Methodist Church
(at the corner of S. 1st Street and Park Avenue)

The Escalante Game Drive Site was investigated by Alpine Archaeology in the 1990s. It consists of numerous rock and brush fences interpreted as being designed to help native groups to guide game to a position where they could be efficiently dispatched and processed. Mr. Johnen and Alpine have returned to the site with modern technological aids that were not available in the 1990s, and have completed a new investigation of this fascinating site. 

Conner Johnen

Connor Johnen, M.A., of Alpine Archaeological Consultants, has worked as an archaeologist in Wyoming and Colorado in both academic/research-based projects as well as in a CRM context since 2010. He received his B.A. from Colorado State University in 2014 and his M.A. at the Universi-ty of Wyoming in 2017. Connor’s thesis focused on ArcGIS predictive modeling of residential locations in the Wind River Range in Northwestern Wyoming. His archaeological interests include prehistoric site location, use of GIS in archaeology, stone tool technology, hunter-gatherer behavior and ecology, spatial patterning in the archaeological record, and the use of mountain environments by prehistoric people. This research is usually fo-cused on the Northwestern Plains but his research interests are not bound to this area. Connor is also interested in working with Python code to automate GIS processes within Alpine and also wishes to expand his knowledge of ArcGIS in time.